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Recommended books:

Living Religion in Subud - Matthew Barry Sullivan

In this book practicing Christians, Jews and Muslims tell why they are also members of Subud, and how the Subud latihan has brought home to them the living reality of their own, or their chosen, religion.

ISBN 0 907728 05 7 UK 7.95 Europe 8.25 Other 9.50

Subud is a Way of Life - Harlinah Longcroft

As the official historian of Subud, and as a witness to some important phases of its development, Harlinah Longcroft has had unique access to a wealth of fact and anecdote in writing this introduction. She pays attention equally to the kejiwaan or spiritual side and to Subud as an organization in the world. The result is a balanced, down-to-earth account of Subud as it is.

ISBN 1 869822 06 4 UK 4.50 Europe 4.75 Other 5.25Saving Grace (Thirty Years in

History of Subud Vol 1 - The Coming of Subud 1901 - 1959 - Book 1 The Beginning In Indonesia - Harlinah Longcroft

This first instalment of Harlinah Longcroft's official history of Subud is set almost entirely in Java, ending in May 1957 as Bapak waits at the airport in Jakarta to board the plane for England. In outline, the story of Bapak's early life and the coming of the latihan is already well known from his Autobiography and references in the published talks. By drawing on a far wider range of sources, including interviews with contemporaries, and supplying an historical and geographical context, Harlinah succeeds in liberating our view of Bapak and the earliest phase of Subud from the crystallisation's of later years. The text is complemented by 43 historic photographs from the International Archives - most previously unpublished - and 7 full-page maps. If there were any book on Subud that I were to recommend to anyone, Harlinah Longcroft's History would be it.

Saving Grace (Thirty Years in Subud) - Marcus Bolt

Saving Grace is an account of one man's 30 year experience of Subud. This book is aimed at anybody who feels human existence must be more than a molecular accident; anyone who feels that there must be other dimensions to life beyond merely surviving, doing your best and dying.

UK 21.00 Europe 22.00 Other 25.50Subud) - Marcus Bolt (Jun 99)

Subud - Robert Lyle

With a foreword by Varindra Tarzie Vittachi, formerly Deputy Director of the United Nations Children's Fund.

This is a straightforward introduction to Subud, using wherever possible the words of its founder. The early chapters recount the beginnings of Subud and the dissemination of its latihan kejiwaan (spiritual exercise) throughout the world. Robert Lyle then examines the bearing of the latihan on various spheres of human life: the relations between man and woman, children, education, work and money, politics, charitable activity, culture and religion.

ISBN 0 9535766 0 4 UK 7.50 Europe 8.50 Other 10.00


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