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Subud Symbol

In a talk on December 14 1957 in England, Bapak gave an explanation about the meaning of the Subud symbol.

He said that the meaning of Subud is "Originating from its source and returning to the same source".

And this is represented in the Subud symbol as something round, a circle, meaning "limitless and forever returning to its origin". And in this symbol something else is represented as well: that we do not stop on the way, but rather we go on without limit. This means we do not hold anything back, but everything is for God, from God.

Within the circle are also depicted seven inner circles, which illustrate the existence of forces, or spirits (roh), which also return to their origins. And it is these circles within the symbol, seven in all, which depict the existence of certain forces, which are, beginning from the material force (roh kebendaan); second, the vegetable force (roh tumbuh-tumnuhan); third, the animal spirit (roh hewani); fourth, the ordinary human force (roh orang); fifth, the spirit of the perfect human being (roh rohani); sixth, the spirit of higher than that which is called roh rahmani; and the seventh, the spirit higher than all the rest, the roh rabani spirit.

In a talk on July 12, 1959, at the Subud North America meeting Bapak answered some questions concerning the Subud symbol as follows:

Bapak said that the letters in the symbol are not necessary. What is necessary are the seven circles and the seven spokes. The spokes come together in the centre, and each spoke should be wider at the edge than at the centre. The nearer the outside, the wider they get. The circles get wider also as they go out; the outermost circles being the widest. The width of the circles should be the same as that of the spokes when they reach them.

Each circle is each plane Bapak speaks about. So the innermost circle is the material life force, the second circle is the vegetable life force, the third is the animal, the fourth is the human, the fifth is the perfected human (rochani), then the roh rachmani and the roh rabani. The spokes indicate the Holy Spirit, and the spaces between the circles is the force of the angels, that is the roh ulkudus; which is inside and yet outside everything. It is also clear that the higher you go the larger is the space - so the second circle, the vegetable life force is bigger than the material life force and more to the outside. So the seventh circle, the roh rabbani is the largest and most powerful life force there is. Each one of the lines is the same thing, the Holy Spirit.

In a talk in San Francisco in 1959 Bapak also said:

The lines grow wider as they extend from the centre. The circles grow wider in relation to their distance from the centre. Where the lines and circles cross, the width of both is the same. The spaces between the circles are all the same width. One of the spokes is straight up to 12 o'clock.

The colour of the lines and the circles is gold. The colour of the background is very dark blue.



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