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The duties and obligations of helpers may be summarised as:

  1. Helpers give explanations about the basis and aim of the latihan kejiwaan of Subud for those who are interested in joining.

  2. They open people who have completed the waiting period and attend their latihans until they are really able to feel and receive the latihan.

  3. They come to the latihan place whenever there is an opening of people who have completed the waiting period.

  4. They guard the unity of the membership so that it remains whole.

  5. The helpers have no obligation to arrange financial matters which should be carried out by the committee.

  6. The helpers do not have a chairman, secretary or treasurer. They reach decisions by testing together. They should have the committee to attend to matters such as correspondence.

  7. If additional helpers are needed, the helpers have the right to propose to the international helpers a member to be appointed as a helper. Proposed helpers should be experienced in the kejiwaan, of good behaviour, and able to take care of the members.

  8. A helper's duties are international in character, so that they remain a helper even outside their own group.

  9. Women who wish to join Subud must be opened by women helpers. Men must be opened by men helpers. In the same way visiting the sick, and testing, are taken care of by women for women, and by men for men.

  10. Helpers are not permitted to mix other theories and practices with the latihan of Subud.

  11. Helpers who join the committee must become inactive as a helper during the time they are on the committee. When they are no longer members of the organisational committee, they can take up their helper duties again.

  12. The duties of a helper are not limited in time. Helpers can continue to carry out their duties year after year until they resign.

Abstracted from Pewarta Kejiwaan Subud Vol VIII, NO , p67, 30 October 1970.

Qualities of a helper

Bapak said that the following conditions need to be fulfilled in the appointment of a member as a helper. He or she should be:

  1. A member who is experienced in the latihan kejiwaan of Subud;

  2. A member of good character;

  3. A member who is really loved by all the members and is able to sincerely pay attention to their needs;

  4. A member who is prepared to carry out his or her duties and obligations as Bapak's representative;

  5. A member who is really willing to keep watch over the unity of the members;

Abstracted from Pewarta Kejiwaan Subud Vol VIII, NO 1, p27 (letter1193), 1969

Helpers should set an example

Bapak stated:
"Concerning the helpers: these are in truth Bapak's helpers because Bapak cannot always come here or anywhere else. Therefore, Bapak hopes that the helpers in their behaviour or character will become an example to other members.

"What kind of example does Bapak propose? It is nothing else but that the helpers should remember that the presence of the latihan kejiwaan is received from God, and that it is God's will for man to be able to receive the bettering of his inner being and always to be able to follow the way of life that is orderly and good. Remembering this, helpers should be in harmony with one another, they should appreciate each other in mutual love, and not quarrel, because in the spiritual life this is useless. It is useless for a helper to argue with another helper in order to convince him of what he has received." 64 PLG 4



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