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Ibu Rahayu celebrated her 93rd birthday this year on March 13 at her home in Pamulang Indonesia. (Photo from Raymond Lee)

Also in this issue…

WSC Zoom Meeting…latest reporting from WSA/WSC

Assisi Gathering cancelled…Hannah de Roo reports

Why I climb mountains…Arif Matthee on his passion

Archives Update #4…Daniela Moneta reports

The Ramadan Fast…for those intending to fast

Record your Subud experiences…Dachlan Cartwright urges

Land and Community…Harris’s series about his Subud group

Subud Centres…how to acquire and maintain them

The first Subud World Congress…in 1959 at Coombe Springs.

On reading Bapak…Isti Jenkins reflects

Singing at Leonard’s…experience with Mas Adji

Susila Dharma News…Plus Dharma Care Renewal & BCU Report

Lessons from life,,,from Sebastian Paemen

Turn to the inner…experience from John Hager

A life less ordinary…Maris Gibbs’ memoir reviewed

An unexpected journey,,,Irwan Wyllie seeks his ancestors

Doing a ZooMuse…Marcus Bolt writes about the experience

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Subud Voice April 2021 Word Version


I was at the Basara Youth Gathering in Central Kalimantan over New Year. In all the time I was there, I don’t think I saw anyone with a book or a magazine, but I saw everyone with a mobile phone which they consulted many times a day.

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