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subud symbol   how is Subud organised?


The organisational work depends on the volunteer efforts of Subud members, without which it could not function at all, whether at local, national or international level.

No fees are charged for doing the latihan and all costs are largely met through voluntary contributions from members. If members wish to contribute financially to the activities of Subud at the international level, there are three ways members might help.

The World Subud Association organizes its finances in accordance with internationally accepted financial standards for non-profit organizations and is registered in the District of Colombia, USA, as a non-profit corporation. Read financial statements and more here.

1. Pledge 3 - 5% of income

Bapak has advised that members contribute 3 - 5% of their income to Subud. These donations can be given locally at group or national level. Some part of the donation will be used at group and national levels, varying according to local needs, but in all cases a proportion will be forwarded to ISC for international purposes. Members can also make additional donations directly to the Executive Committee if they wish.

2. Earmarked donations

If members wish to make a donation specifically aimed at some aspect of the international work such as International Helper travel, Archives, etc, it will be allocated for this purpose only.

3. The Muhammad Subuh Foundation

The World Subud Association has set up the MSF, which was legally established in 1991 in the USA, to receive capital donations, bequests and legacies, and to support the long term aims of the WSA, with prudent fund management. There is strict restriction on the use of the principal of these funds and the income from it will be used for programs which are identified by the MSF, jointly with the WSC, as promoting the long term development of Subud, e.g. the acquisition of Subud Houses, Subud Centres, educational and social projects, the preservation and publication of Bapak's works and an international almoners fund.

Reports, financial statements and more may be found here.



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