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See tributes in this issue of Subud Voice. (Photo supplied by Latifah Taormina)

We begin the November issue with Luke Penseney's report for the third quarter 2012… It is full of interesting news about the most important issues the WSA chair has been dealing with...In the October issues we published a series of articles about issues in Subud and in this edition we publish a collection of responses to it from people around the world...There is an article by Hanavi Hirsh about how we can help Subud to grow...An article about the enterprise Rofin Australia...An extremely interesting extract from Leonard Lassalle's new book...And a truly amazing story of the recovery of his wife, Melinda, from leukaemia...There is a dialogue between Harris Smart and Ilaina Lennard about God...A review of Ilaina's book "The Best of Subud Voice 1: They Were There"...and a number of tributes to Luqman McKingley who has recently passed away...Finally, in the Literary Supplement section of our home page there is a video conversation between Harris Smart and Peter Jenkins about preparing for death... To read online or download for reading onscreen or printing out, November Subud Voice FREE, click the link below...