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MICK JAGGER AND SUBUD…A final word from Latifah

Latifah Taormina, Chair of SICA, writes...

When we had out improv company back in the 60s, CBS was going to do a sort of hit parade type show, and our company was going to host it. We were sent to UK to do some teasers and also some television shows there to prime us for hosting.

It was great fun, we were put up in nice digs, and a chauffeur came every day to take us to the studios in the UK. We were on some shows there with the Moody Blues and others. I can't remember it all.

And then we did some sessions with Mick Jagger and also Janis Joplin. And we did some midnight performance at some theater the Beatles liked. And we did some other TV shows in the states -- all to groom us to be the hosts.

And then someone in the company made some stupid political remark on a late night radio show about the then President Nixon, and boom, we were dropped and did not host the show at all. But I have this little memento...