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HAPPY ENDINGS… a film by Myrna Jelman

HAPPY ENDINGS... film from Myrna Jelman

My film 'Happy Endings: Perspectives on Dying Well' is now online at

Many people have benefited from the film since 2008: patients, loved ones,
professionals and doctors tell me that it opens a space for heartfelt
conversations about death and dying in a light and unobtrusive manner:

"... beautifully thought-provoking ... it leaves a final impression that is
hugely life-affirming. It also displays a rare simplicity and serenity
throughout." (Tim, London)

Enjoy the film and pass it on to those who will most enjoy or benefit from
it. I will give 1/3 of profits to charity and the rest will help fund my
next film.

Website: www.springfilmproductions.co.uk