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FAVOURITE PHOTO…on the river with Andrew Clague

On the river.


Andrew Clague writes from Norwich...

I am attaching a pic for your consideration as 'my favourite photo'. Some may recognise the hills in the distance. It was taken from Lorna's boat as we approached Tangkiling village towards dusk.  It's a reminder of the black waters and the sights & sounds of the creatures in the forest.

Andrew is active in the Kalimantan Support Group and has recenlty built a house in Rungan Sari. Years ago he was in a famous band called the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and still plays mean bass guitar. Furthermore, he is a  very amiable fellow.

His reference to “Lorna's boat” is of course to the inspiring eneterprise effort of Gaye Thavisin and Lorna Dowson-Collins, their riverboat business  in Kalimantan.