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MARCH 2012

Another bumper issue for y'all this month...

We start with an introductory article from Harris Smart about Arifa Asariah's exhibition followed by her very open and honest 'life story'... (there's a video to watch as well). Then, there's a letter from California, a 'miracle story' from Imrom Comey, a report from Puebla about where you'll be staying, eating and latihanning at the World Congress (Mexico 2014); some interesting items from SWN; Ilaina's 'Whatever happened to...?' article (Part 2); an article by Halima Polk with some  very good comments and observations on the experience of 'doing the latihan' - mainly for new members, but very useful for us all...; there follows another very open and honest life story from Melinda Wallace; an article about teaching literature at Sekolah Cita Buana (SCB), the Subud School in South Jakarta school from Dachlan Cartwright; a collection of Subud experiences from Emmanuel Elliott; a cautionary enterprise tale from Harris and an article on Bapak's 1976 talk about 'his mission' –  plus a really intriguing 'favourite Photo' and the usual collection of ads and notices.

Soon after publishing date on the 1st of March, we hope to have Max Potter's 'Digest' of this issue posted for those who can use it to print out for members without access to the internet...

We hope you enjoy the issue...

Arifa at her recent exhibition