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World Congress FAQ

Subud World Congress 2018 - Freiburg.

Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please see if your question is answered here. For more information please check out the congress website: www.subudworldcongress.org

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Harmony & Results – The Susila Dharma Conference


Special Supplement

Photo: Mother and child at Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa in Bandung, one of the projects we visited during the Susila Dharma Conference. This project aims to eliminate discrimination and violence towards women and children.

Why has Susila Dharma been so successful?... Read all about the Susila Dharma Conference that was held in Indonesia in August in this Special Susila Dharma Supplement to Subud Voice… a 20 page report with many photos… read all about this great gathering of projects and the Susila Dharma organisation…

Download the Special SD Supplement (PDF)

Psychodrama Theater – Spiritual Awakening

Husain Sam-Tio Chung describes a psychomdramatic re-enactment of the crucifixion. From his book “God the Therapist” available from Amazon.com...

This was a spontaneous re-enactment of the crucifixion with a graduate class at Pepperdine University. Read more...


Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach. Bapak one remarked "Beethoven cried with the angels, Mozart played with the angels and Bach prayed with the angels."

Lawrence Brazier writes from Vienna

The acquiring of enthusiasms, the philosopher would have it, is dictated by the complex difficulty of life; which means that one is apt to need a certain amount of diversion to make one’s journey across the world bearable.

Molly, the woman (one’s wife), for example, has a great deal of passion for her garden.

"Seeds," she maintains, "are spiritual, if you understand the planting of them."

Our move to Vienna had Molly planting her foreign fields and yours truly twiddling thumbs – until Bach entered our lives. Read more...