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02F lewes group

The Lewes group, the centre of a struggle which has ramifications for all of Subud.

This issue focuses on the situation in Lewes with background and updates from those directly involved – David Anderson and Dahlan Lassalle – as well as articles on various aspects from Leonard Lassalle, Rashad Carre, Iljas Baker and Marcus Bolt…

Also in this issueUsaha Mulia Abadi: an excellent project in Mexico, Belief of Mind and the Soul from Anthony Bright-Paul, The Future of Subud from Edward Ismail Fido, The Parent Connection from Miranda Ranger…Obituary for Len Harper…Search for a new WSA Secretary…and Fundraisers on Tandem bikes…

Available at  www.subudvoice.net


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We thank all of you who have supported us in 2015 and wish you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season,

from the Subud Voice Team

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and a Prosperous New Year

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Special Supplement

Photo: Mother and child at Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa in Bandung, one of the projects we visited during the Susila Dharma Conference. This project aims to eliminate discrimination and violence towards women and children.

Why has Susila Dharma been so successful?… Read all about the Susila Dharma Conference that was held in Indonesia in August in this Special Susila Dharma Supplement to Subud Voice… a 20 page report with many photos… read all about this great gathering of projects and the Susila Dharma organisation…

Download the Special SD Supplement (PDF)


RAPUNZEL, RAPUNZEL is a story by Harris Smart about how the world of dreams, myths and fairytales can erupt into everyday life… Read on

PARIS, FRANCE is a story by Harris about a visit to Paris in which he was robbed by gypsies… it also has something to say about photography… Read on

PARIS: JAZZ is by Lawrence Brazier and is also set in Paris and has something to say about jazz and other things… Read on

THE STUTTERER a is a chapter from Husain Chung’s book GOD THE THERAPIST (available from amazon.com) and gives an insight into the way that Husain works with people… Read on

RELAX! THE BODY KNOWS THE WAY is a reflection by Harris on the nature of the body as an indicator of the inner nature and a portal to spiritual experience… Read on

WOOF: Lawrence Brazier sends a story from Vienna… Read on

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